Never Too Cold for Cutoffs

topshop sweatshirt cutoffs lace leggings
Sweater: Topshop (from Rung & Sprung); Shorts: Goodwill; Boots: Steve Madden; Lace Tights: Rung & Sprung
I rarely wear shorts in the summer. I have no good reason for that, other than struggling to find the happy medium between a pair that is short enough to be "shorts" and long enough to make it clear that I'm not on my way to the club. Ever since a former coworker mastered the art of the shorts-with-tights combo, I've been determined to find - or make - some cute ones that I feel comfortable in.

Purple Reign

crushed velvet blazer and shorts
Jacket, Dickie, Shorts: Rung & Sprung Boutique; Tights: Hue; Boots: Vogue Footwear
Me: (Strutting into the living room, ready to meet my girls for a drinks and tasty dinner at Bonefish Grill and feeling very groovy in my latest getup.)
Brian: (Sitting on the couch, watching a poker game, eager to unwind from his day.)
Me: (Smiling while doing a brief spin.) Well, what do you think?
Brian: (Brief pause.) I'm thinking. . .Prince?
Me: Yes! I was thinking Stevie Nicks-ish for some reason, but Prince works too. Thanks!
Brian: (With a wry but amused smile.) Have fun tonight, Purple Rain.

Mommie Dearest

Now that I'm a mother, I spend a lot of Friday nights at home, curled up on the couch with a Lifetime movie and a limited-edition Steak N' Shake shake, like the heavenly "S'Mores" or "Birthday Cake" flavors. (Truth be told, I did this even before I was a mother-but only on those rare nights where my packed social calendar had an opening. LOL) On a recent movie night, I screened a flick that had been saved on the DVR for several months called Mommie Dearest. The 1981 movie is based on the true story of actress Joan Crawford's troubled relationship with one of her adopted daughters. To say that Mommie is far from dear is a colossal understatement. In the movie's most infamous scene, Joan flies into a blind, psychotic rage after seeing a wire hanger in her young daughter's closet. Seriously.

Despite Joan's (hopefully) alleged lunacy, the movie showcased gorgeous, vintage couture. The costumes were designed by Academy Award winner Irene Sharaff. I was shocked to see Joan/Faye Dunaway in a dress that is uncannily similar to one I bought from Rung and wore at our first Blogger Party. The bulk of the movie is set from the 1940s-1970s, so my gown is probably from the end of that time frame. Check it out:
My dress: designed by Estevez, thrifted from Rung & Sprung. That's Faye Dunaway as Joan Crawford in Mommie Dearest.
Photos by David Kilper of Arkitography
Pardon the weird stance, but you can see the unique armholes. :)
Photo by David Kilper of Arkitography

You Are the Dancing Queen

vogue dancing queen boots

My shoe collection has had a vacancy ever since my cat forced me to send my lone pair of tall black boots into early retirement. None of the recent applicants were quite right. (Pointy toe? Nah. Stiletto heel? Nope. Totally flat sole? No, thanks.) I figured I could just get through the season sans knee-high boots until I was contacted by the creative team at Vogue Footwear. After poring through their catalog of fresh, cutting-edge shoes, I was instantly digging The Dancing Queen boot!

Post-Holiday Outfit Recap

When it comes to buying holiday gifts, I am extremely last-minute. I mean, stopping-at-Walgreen's-on-the-way-to-Christmas-dinner-and-wrapping-in-the-car last-minute. This year was a little better-I bought the majority of my gifts a couple of days in advance - and even did no shopping on Christmas Eve. (Yes, there was a brief Walgreen's pit stop on the way to dinner on Dec. 25, but that was only for a couple of "just-in-case" boxes of chocolate. And a batch of photo cards featuring my family's smiling faces. And some makeup-but that doesn't count, as it was a gift to myself.)

In contrast, my outfit planning skills are far more impressive. My Christmas Day dress was planned about 6 months in advance. When it was donated to Rung & Sprung over the summer, I was in instant love. Being a winter dress, it was relegated to the off-season vintage rack and waited patiently to be processed. I checked in on it periodically to make sure it was still there with all its festive cuteness, and eventually got it ready to buy. I've already worn it twice - once for Christmas dinner and again at a girls' brunch courtesy of my mom at the delightful Mary Ann's Tea Room. (I highly recommend the Nutella chocolate chip cookies - heavenly!) My mom believes I can probably get away with one more wear of the dress without it looking too holiday-ish. What do you think?
Vintage red plaid dress

Happy (belated) holidays from my lil' Ruby!
This dress takes print-mixing to daring heights!
If you think 6 months lead-time is hardcore, my New Year's Eve top was planned a whole year in advance. I wore the terrific vintage thrift-store find last year to an exciting, barely-recovered-from-childbirth couch party at Chez Boeser. This year, I was ready for a more active evening and for the top to get more views. Paired with some hot red pants, I sparkled my way to a savory dinner at Fritanga and a rockin' house party. (I beat all the boys at the party at Tekken on PS3 - don't mess with a girl in a sequin top.) This top will probably get an annual wear - it's just so much fun!
Top: Goodwill; Pants & Shoes: Rung & Sprung Boutique
Hope your holidays were fashionable and merry! :)