Never Too Cold for Cutoffs

topshop sweatshirt cutoffs lace leggings
Sweater: Topshop (from Rung & Sprung); Shorts: Goodwill; Boots: Steve Madden; Lace Tights: Rung & Sprung
I rarely wear shorts in the summer. I have no good reason for that, other than struggling to find the happy medium between a pair that is short enough to be "shorts" and long enough to make it clear that I'm not on my way to the club. Ever since a former coworker mastered the art of the shorts-with-tights combo, I've been determined to find - or make - some cute ones that I feel comfortable in.

So you know that that means. . .time to hit up the Goodwill!

With my finely-honed thrifting skills, I easily happened on a pair of high-waisted vintage mom jeans. Brian looked at me like I was crazy, wondering if even I could make them look less mom-ish. (Ruby was too busy playing with a stuffed lion to pay any attention.) But I assured him that I had bigger plans for the jeans, and he dutifully mosied back to the men's section.

When we got home, I busted out my scissors and began snipping. And snipping. And snipping. The main challenge of making cut-offs is figuring out where to cut them off. I was conservative at first, knowing that there was no turning back once the fabric was gone. Eventually, I got to a sweet length.

If you're inspired to wear shorts in the winter, here are a few rules of thumb:
1. Pair them with tights. (Not just for warmth, but to make it clear that you know it's not summer yet, but won't let weather deter your fashion choices.)
2. Add boots for some edge.
3. Throw on a long-sleeve top and you're ready to roll.

How do you wear shorts in the winter?


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