Post-Holiday Outfit Recap

When it comes to buying holiday gifts, I am extremely last-minute. I mean, stopping-at-Walgreen's-on-the-way-to-Christmas-dinner-and-wrapping-in-the-car last-minute. This year was a little better-I bought the majority of my gifts a couple of days in advance - and even did no shopping on Christmas Eve. (Yes, there was a brief Walgreen's pit stop on the way to dinner on Dec. 25, but that was only for a couple of "just-in-case" boxes of chocolate. And a batch of photo cards featuring my family's smiling faces. And some makeup-but that doesn't count, as it was a gift to myself.)

In contrast, my outfit planning skills are far more impressive. My Christmas Day dress was planned about 6 months in advance. When it was donated to Rung & Sprung over the summer, I was in instant love. Being a winter dress, it was relegated to the off-season vintage rack and waited patiently to be processed. I checked in on it periodically to make sure it was still there with all its festive cuteness, and eventually got it ready to buy. I've already worn it twice - once for Christmas dinner and again at a girls' brunch courtesy of my mom at the delightful Mary Ann's Tea Room. (I highly recommend the Nutella chocolate chip cookies - heavenly!) My mom believes I can probably get away with one more wear of the dress without it looking too holiday-ish. What do you think?
Vintage red plaid dress

Happy (belated) holidays from my lil' Ruby!
This dress takes print-mixing to daring heights!
If you think 6 months lead-time is hardcore, my New Year's Eve top was planned a whole year in advance. I wore the terrific vintage thrift-store find last year to an exciting, barely-recovered-from-childbirth couch party at Chez Boeser. This year, I was ready for a more active evening and for the top to get more views. Paired with some hot red pants, I sparkled my way to a savory dinner at Fritanga and a rockin' house party. (I beat all the boys at the party at Tekken on PS3 - don't mess with a girl in a sequin top.) This top will probably get an annual wear - it's just so much fun!
Top: Goodwill; Pants & Shoes: Rung & Sprung Boutique
Hope your holidays were fashionable and merry! :)


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