When I was 8 or 9, my mom noticed that I skipped words when I read aloud. The eye doctor hit me with the horrifying news that I would need glasses. Noooo!!! Perhaps as karma for my intermittent-glasses wearing or some ironic twist of fate, my eyes soon did a total flip-flop. I became nearsighted instead of far-sighted. Very nearsighted. Steve Urkel and I could have been related. Contacts became my salvation, as the glasses of the '80s and early '90s were far from fashionable.

Then, a bespectacled Lisa Loeb sang her way into our hearts and showed the world just how awesome wearing glasses can be. I realized that eyeglasses are a viable fashion accessory. My only problem? My ridiculously strong prescription. (For reference, I'm in the minus 9 range in one eye.) Most hipster frames look rad with clear lenses, but lose their coolness when you stick a couple of coke bottles through them. Even with high-index lenses, there is still an art to selecting frames that accentuate personality rather than vision issues.

My solution thus far has been to break the bank with my mini-collection of designer eyeglasses: floral print frames from Tiffany's, clear frames from Versace, and cateyes from Miu Miu. (Those "2 pairs for $69.95" deals don't apply to anyone with a strong prescription.) A more affordable option is to order prescription glasses online, but I had never tried that since it seemed too risky. I decided to give an online optical boutique a chance after being contacted by Firmoo for a review of their glasses. I immediately zeroed in on a quirky, vintage-inspired pair of small cateye frames. Since I was getting them just for fun, I got the frames with clear lenses that I can wear with my contacts.

Each pair comes with a cute case, spectacle pouch, cleaning cloth, and tiny screwdriver. The glasses arrived super-fast (about a week) and the customer service was excellent. The only tip I have for people interested in buying prescription frames online is to ask an eye doctor to measure your "pupillary distance" next time you get a checkup. This number is not written on a standard prescription, but having this info helps make sure the glasses are fitted properly to your eyes. (Firmoo gives tips on how to measure it yourself in a pinch.)

I wore my new specs to a scintillating blogger conference hosted by the Midwest Influencer Network. They were a total hit! What has your experience been like ordering prescription eyewear online?
firmoo cateye glasses

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P.S. This post was sponsored by Firmoo, but the opinions are entirely my own.


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