Black Velvet and That Sweet, Midwest Style

1950s vintage dress and coral t-straps

Velvet is the quintessential winter fabric. Soft, regal-feeling, and warm. Flowers and floral prints make me think of spring. Put the two together and what do you have? An amazing gem of a vintage party dress! What a journey this dress has taken.
It was crafted in the 1950s, went to live with a fashionable lady for over half a century (where it no doubt had many fine adventures), took a trip to Rung & Sprung Boutique, and moved in with me in 2015. I am so proud to own it and fully plan for it to last another 50 years - or at least until Ruby can wear it. This little dress that could braved a snowstorm to shimmy its way into my friend's engagement party. I figured it was fitting - going to a party to celebrate love, with the man I love, in a dress I love! (Yes, I am a romantic.) Check it out:
1950s vintage dress with floral print
I really like the scoop neck, high waist, and full skirt. And, why do pockets seem to elevate the status of any dress?
1950s floral vintage dress
Dress: Rung; Shoes: Urban Outfitters
Here is my hot date!


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