What's the Time?

Every old-school Beastie Boys fan will tell you that the proper answer to "What's the time?" is, "It's time to get ill!" Nowadays, though, asking someone what time it is rarely elicits a witty response. Instead, people furiously grab their cell phones and give you a helpful-but-boring exact time (e.g. "my phone says it's 4:02pm").

St. Louis Staycation Outfit Guide

"When was the last time we went on vacation?" Brian's question startled me out of my Criminal Minds/pizza-induced semi-coma. "Um. . .let me think a minute," I replied.

"Didn't we go to Chicago for somebody's wedding?" he offered.

"Yes, but that for Annie's wedding in 2011."

"Well, we went on our honeymoon, of course." Brian reminded me. Fond memories of Mexico and zip-lining entered my mind as I replied wryly, "Yes, and that was also in 2011."

"What about that cruise? Where we went to the Bahamas?"

"Yeah, where they had that amazing crepe buffet, and we went horseback riding on the beach? That was super-fun. And in 2012."

"Oh," Brian replied with an uncharacteristic hint of sadness. We sat in silence for a few minutes, the Criminal Minds marathon continuing unnoticed in the background. As Brian has the gift and burden of a short attention span, he soon resumed watching a skateboard video on his phone. But, my mood had soured. "Has it really been that long since we've been anywhere, together?" I asked myself. Sure, there was my amazing trip to New York for Fashion Week, but Brian stayed home. As I thought about our precocious 18-month-old Ruby, a harsh reality sunk in: It could be years before we take another vacation.

It's not that either me or Brian have some deep-rooted need to travel. I have lots of fun doing local things. It's just that there's something exhilarating about going somewhere I've never been. Setting my worries aside and just living in the moment on a vacation. Then an idea so obvious I'd never thought of it before began to take shape. "We should do a staycation," I piped up, liking the idea more by the minute. "We should be tourists in St. Louis, go places we've never been! That sounds fun, right?"

"Sure, babe, sounds great." Brian went back to his skateboard videos, and my creative wheels started to turn. . .

This summer, Brian, Ruby, and I are truly going to Explore St. Louis. Here's our tentative itinerary, along with my planned outfits:

St. Louis Symphony
I'm an alt-rock/90s hip-hop fan, Brian is an indie rock/underground hip-hop fan, and Ruby is a fan of anything that lets her wiggle her little body (she's got equally smooth moves to Alice in Chains and Bruno Mars). This summer, I want to expand our musical horizons with live classical music at Powell Symphony Hall. The show calls for a sleek dress with cutouts, killer heels, and a quirky, musical purse.

Adrenaline Zone
Little known fact: I am awesome at video games. And, I relish any opportunity to act like a kid with bumper cars and foosball. This summer, I am going to grab a bunch of my peeps and head down to Demolition Ball/Adrenaline Zone for an afternoon of Laser Tag heists and friendly competition. A crazy, active excursion like this calls for a casual outfit that can withstand anything - and will still look cute beneath my Laser Tag gear.

Mark Twain's Hannibal
We're definitely city folk, but can appreciate antique architecture and cute towns. We will have a blast on a day trip to Hannibal, MO, a mere 120 miles north of St. Louis! (Less than a 2-hr drive if Brian's behind the wheel.) The scenic town where Mark Twain dreamed up Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer has trolley rides, riverboat cruises, museums, and historic mansions to visit. In honor of the colonial era, I plan to escort Ruby around wearing a ruffled, vintage prairie dress and low wedges.

Even though these places aren't new to us, they're oldies-but-goodies that simply must be revisited:
I will wear my "money vest" just in case things don't work out at the penny slots.
Science Center
To learn all about biology, dinosaurs, and physics (for free!), we are going to head back to the St. Louis Science Center. I think a casual crochet top and maxiskirt are appropriate for connecting with my inner scientist.

Where would you go on a St. Louis staycation? And, what would you wear?

P.S. If you want to get more ideas on cool places to visit in St. Louis, take a day off (or a really long lunch) on Thursday April 30 and party with me at the free "Be A Tourist In Your Own Town" event! Held at Ballpark Village, there will be refreshments and family-friendly fun. Oh, and they will also announce the first-ever Explore St. Louis Summer Ambassador. Your girl here is in the running for the title, so send good vibes my way even if you can't make it. Thanks, fashionistas!

She's Crafty: Makers Ball Best Dressed

Ballin' out of control: me & my hot date for the evening.
When it comes to attending a Ball, there are lots of exciting aspects to enjoy: scrumptious passed hors d'oeuvres, smooth cocktails, silent auction of original art pieces, delicious dinner, and upbeat tunes. The Craft Alliance Makers Ball at The Palladium had all that and more, including live artistic demonstrations and a cutting-edge 3-D printer. This year's dress code presented a unique (and really fun) challenge: curate an imaginative "crafty cocktail" look. The result was a spirited crowd painted with eclectic colors, patterns, silhouettes, textures, and accessories. Here are my picks for the most masterful interpretations of crafty cocktail attire:

5 Reasons I'm Excited to Toast Spring with Ruth's Chris

Ruth's Chris Steak House is hosting a special wine tasting called "Toast To Spring" at the Hyatt Regency St. Louis at the Arch on Friday, April 24, and I'm excited to attend. How come? 

1. Delectable Food: Of course, Ruth's Chris is best known for their mouthwatering, sizzling steaks. Did you know that they also have chicken, dessert, and New Orleans-style food like crab cakes and creamed spinach? For seafood-lovers like myself, they also serve fresh seafood entrees. I've never had a chance to dine at Ruth's Chris, and I'm sure that the food will not disappoint. (Gosh, I'm getting hungry just typing this!)

2. Drinks: I'm far from a wine connoisseur, but am always up for learning new things. The Toast To Spring evening will have over 30 wines for guests to sample. Cheers!

3. Event benefits a great organization: A portion of ticket sales will be donated to the St. Louis Jaycees. There's also a silent auction. The St. Louis Jaycees have been providing hands-on leadership training to young adults for the last 100 years! The organization started in St. Louis and expanded to over 100 countries. I'll drink to that! 

4. Date Night: I convinced my sister to watch little Ruby so that my husband and I can enjoy a much-needed night out, together. Food and drinks should set the mood for a little romance. . . ;) 

5. My Outfit: Of course, I've got a really cute outfit planned. Since we'll probably be standing a lot, I wanted a look that is interesting and dramatic, yet comfortable. I'll be decked out in a vintage jumpsuit, perfect for sipping and munching. What do you wear to a wine tasting?

I hope I'll see you there! Snag tickets and reservations by calling 314.259.3200. Even if you can't make this event, there are lots of fun happenings on the horizon, so be sure to follow Ruth's Chris on Twitter and Facebook to stay in the loop.

Craft Alliance Maker's Ball

Craft Alliance Center of Art + Design, based in St. Louis, has been beautifying the Midwest with art since 1964. Its mission is to provide inspiration and education to artists, collectors, students, and the art-loving public through exhibitions, outreach, and classes. Their artists-in-residence work with a variety of mediums: clay, glass, fiber, metal, and wood. I especially like Figs and Ginger. In addition to an adorable name, the husband-and-wife team handcrafts whimsical, classy jewelry inspired by forests.
How cute is the bird family on this sterling silver necklace?
On Saturday 4/18/15, Craft Alliance celebrates the movers, shakers, crafters, and makers at The Makers Ball. According to the web site, the gala promises to be "a spectacular interactive event with surprises around every corner." In other words, it's gonna be crazy cool! Just check out these pics from past Craft Alliance Galas:
Look at the vintage silhouette, geometric pattern, and gorgeous earrings!
Photo c/o ALIVE Magazine
A bow tie and ruffles is bold for a man - and it totally works!
Photo c/o ALIVE Magazine
Polka dots were the perfect picks for the Dotted Ball.
Photos c/o ALIVE Magazine
That skirt!
This year, the theme and suggested attire is "crafty cocktail." Since that dress code isn't listed in the Urban Dictionary (yes, I checked LOL), I came up with my own definition:

  • Crafty Cocktail Attire [kraf-tee cock-tale ah-tie-yur] adj.: semi-formal outfit with an artistic, creative, or unique twist.

How to create that twist? Separates are a fresh alternative to a dress, but stick to dressy material like lace or sequins to keep your look gala-worthy. Chunky heels, especially in a bold color, are unexpected (and a bit more dance-friendly than stilettos). Add some jewels and a fun purse, and you're ready to party! Bonus style points for a statement accessory that pays homage to art. (How amazing is that Moschino art palette handbag?!)
Crafty Cocktails #1

How do you interpret crafty cocktail attire? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments! Also, If you can't make the gala, no worries. There are lots of ways you can support the St. Louis artistic community and Craft Alliance's mission - like making a donation, attending an event, or taking an awesome class. They even have free classes for families. Find out more right here.

Check back next week for my top picks for the Makers Ball Best Dressed List!

Explore Saint Louis 2015

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? Why, she's right here in St. Louis, living it up!  For those of you not aware, Carmen Sandiego is a fabulous detective who travels the world, teaching kids about geography. Although my last name is Boeser, I often feel like Carmen Sandiego when I'm playing tourist in my hometown of St. Louis. There are so many unique, fun places here to explore! Here are some of my faves: 

Gateway Arch: I went there for my wedding anniversary with my hubby and a bumping Ruby. Neither of us had ridden up in the Arch in ages, so taking in that gorgeous view of the city was quite romantic.
This dress was quite a find-more info here. 
Fabulous Fox Theatre: The last time I was at the Fox, it was for a fabulous St. Louis Fashion Week event. I got to sit up on stage to watch the fashion show-very cool. I also saw the Lion King there years ago, and it was incredible. The ornate interior makes every event there feel special.

Hollywood Casino St. Louis: While pregnant with Ruby, having a wild 3am party for my birthday was out of the question. Instead, I celebrated with 2 of my other loves: crab legs and slot machines. (Well, 3 loves if you count my husband, who raided the buffet with me and tore it up at the poker table.)
Full outfit deets here,
Want to take your own adventures? Check out Explore St. Louis for loads of fun happenings around town.

I decided to take my love for St. Louis and join the official the Official Explore St. Louis Summer Ambassador Search! I made a lil' video during the #MWINetwork VIP Blogger Lounge. To see my video and all the other potential Ambassadors, click here. Don't forget to scroll to the bottom of the page and vote for your fave St. Louis tour guide (me)! :)

P.S. The winner will be announced during the Be A Tourist In Your Own Town Event on 4/30/15 from 10am-2pm in Ballpark Village. From their web page: "See for yourself why St. Louis is such a great place to visit during the St. Louis Convention & Visitors Commission’s annual Be A Tourist In Your Own Town event. The region’s most popular attractions will exhibit with free refreshments, music, prizes and fun for everyone."

P.S.S. The Explore St. Louis Summer Ambassador Search is hosted in collaboration with KSDKALIVE Magazine, and the Midwest InfluencerNetwork

My Denim Skirt's Words of Wisdom

denim skirt and oxfords
"I hate denim skirts! I just can't stand them," a woman declared. "And, I hate 80s fashion. I lived through the 80s and I didn't get it then. It's even worse now!" These statements garnered polite laughter from a couple of people in earshot with one notable exception. I remained silent. For you see, I was wearing a denim skirt.