St. Louis Staycation Outfit Guide

"When was the last time we went on vacation?" Brian's question startled me out of my Criminal Minds/pizza-induced semi-coma. "Um. . .let me think a minute," I replied.

"Didn't we go to Chicago for somebody's wedding?" he offered.

"Yes, but that for Annie's wedding in 2011."

"Well, we went on our honeymoon, of course." Brian reminded me. Fond memories of Mexico and zip-lining entered my mind as I replied wryly, "Yes, and that was also in 2011."

"What about that cruise? Where we went to the Bahamas?"

"Yeah, where they had that amazing crepe buffet, and we went horseback riding on the beach? That was super-fun. And in 2012."

"Oh," Brian replied with an uncharacteristic hint of sadness. We sat in silence for a few minutes, the Criminal Minds marathon continuing unnoticed in the background. As Brian has the gift and burden of a short attention span, he soon resumed watching a skateboard video on his phone. But, my mood had soured. "Has it really been that long since we've been anywhere, together?" I asked myself. Sure, there was my amazing trip to New York for Fashion Week, but Brian stayed home. As I thought about our precocious 18-month-old Ruby, a harsh reality sunk in: It could be years before we take another vacation.

It's not that either me or Brian have some deep-rooted need to travel. I have lots of fun doing local things. It's just that there's something exhilarating about going somewhere I've never been. Setting my worries aside and just living in the moment on a vacation. Then an idea so obvious I'd never thought of it before began to take shape. "We should do a staycation," I piped up, liking the idea more by the minute. "We should be tourists in St. Louis, go places we've never been! That sounds fun, right?"

"Sure, babe, sounds great." Brian went back to his skateboard videos, and my creative wheels started to turn. . .

This summer, Brian, Ruby, and I are truly going to Explore St. Louis. Here's our tentative itinerary, along with my planned outfits:

St. Louis Symphony
I'm an alt-rock/90s hip-hop fan, Brian is an indie rock/underground hip-hop fan, and Ruby is a fan of anything that lets her wiggle her little body (she's got equally smooth moves to Alice in Chains and Bruno Mars). This summer, I want to expand our musical horizons with live classical music at Powell Symphony Hall. The show calls for a sleek dress with cutouts, killer heels, and a quirky, musical purse.

Adrenaline Zone
Little known fact: I am awesome at video games. And, I relish any opportunity to act like a kid with bumper cars and foosball. This summer, I am going to grab a bunch of my peeps and head down to Demolition Ball/Adrenaline Zone for an afternoon of Laser Tag heists and friendly competition. A crazy, active excursion like this calls for a casual outfit that can withstand anything - and will still look cute beneath my Laser Tag gear.

Mark Twain's Hannibal
We're definitely city folk, but can appreciate antique architecture and cute towns. We will have a blast on a day trip to Hannibal, MO, a mere 120 miles north of St. Louis! (Less than a 2-hr drive if Brian's behind the wheel.) The scenic town where Mark Twain dreamed up Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer has trolley rides, riverboat cruises, museums, and historic mansions to visit. In honor of the colonial era, I plan to escort Ruby around wearing a ruffled, vintage prairie dress and low wedges.

Even though these places aren't new to us, they're oldies-but-goodies that simply must be revisited:
I will wear my "money vest" just in case things don't work out at the penny slots.
Science Center
To learn all about biology, dinosaurs, and physics (for free!), we are going to head back to the St. Louis Science Center. I think a casual crochet top and maxiskirt are appropriate for connecting with my inner scientist.

Where would you go on a St. Louis staycation? And, what would you wear?

P.S. If you want to get more ideas on cool places to visit in St. Louis, take a day off (or a really long lunch) on Thursday April 30 and party with me at the free "Be A Tourist In Your Own Town" event! Held at Ballpark Village, there will be refreshments and family-friendly fun. Oh, and they will also announce the first-ever Explore St. Louis Summer Ambassador. Your girl here is in the running for the title, so send good vibes my way even if you can't make it. Thanks, fashionistas!


  1. Staycation is a wonderful idea. Don't forget to go to the St. Louis Zoo to see Ginger, new baby Orangtran. The new Polar Beat exhibit. The first hour of the zoo Free to go to the Children's Zoo and to see the Stingray's! Go to Grant's Farm, Ruby can learn all about Elephants and Exotric Birds! Magic House is so much fun, they have a great Toddler Room and Ruby would love the water station and Ruby can go fishing with her Daddy! City Museum has a toddler room too. But I think Ruby will have more fun at the Magic house because she can go grocery shopping, play veterinarian! Don't forget Lone Elk Park and The Bird Sanctuary! You can drive to Bird Sanctuary then park and walk to see birds. And on your way out drive through Lone Elk Park to see the Elk and Buffalo (Bison)! In Valley Park behind Carol House there is this place called the Whistler and it is a neat place for kids to play with these wood trains and they have wood puzzles to put together. The MO Transportation Musesum Ruby would have a blast at creation station and to ride the train. And to climb on trains! That is in my neighborhood! So add these to your list this summer!

    1. Thanks so much for your suggestions, Cindy!