What's the Time?

Every old-school Beastie Boys fan will tell you that the proper answer to "What's the time?" is, "It's time to get ill!" Nowadays, though, asking someone what time it is rarely elicits a witty response. Instead, people furiously grab their cell phones and give you a helpful-but-boring exact time (e.g. "my phone says it's 4:02pm").

Timekeeping no longer feels creative or fun, especially since most people have abandoned wristwatches in lieu of a digital device. I hadn't worn a watch in ages either, assuming that my cell phone was sufficient in keeping me on schedule. When I discovered JORD Wood Watches at the Midwest Influencer Network's VIP Blogger Lounge, I remembered that timepieces aren't simply about announcing the time. Well-crafted, unique watches are viable fashion statements, and a watch is the perfect guest of honor at an arm party.
When JORD invited me to review one of their watches, I happily selected the Delmar Series watch in Bamboo for its dark modern square face and contrasting light-colored band. I dig how the 100% natural wood watch's masculine edge juxtaposes with my girly style. (I'm not a huge football fan, but was tickled to learn that NFL Running Back Storm Johnson of the Jacksonville Jaguars also has the same watch.) The watch, which was customized to my wrist, adds a cool flair to my flowy boho jacket and destroyed boyfriend jeans.

You can check out the rest of JORD's gorgeous catalog on their web site. You can also see more pics of the watches in action on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

So, what's the time? Wearing a wooden watch, it's always time to get ill.
Watch: JORD; Jacket & Shoes: Saver's Thrift Store; Jeans: F21; Necklace: Stella & Dot; Tee: Pitaya; Shades: Leopard 
My fave little girl decided to crash the photo shoot. She also kept trying to grab my watch, proving that she has inherited impeccable style. LOL.

P.S.-This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches, but the opinions are entirely my own.


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