Flower Girl

floral headband, black skirt and tights
Top & Skirt: Rung & Sprung Boutique: Headband: Claire's; Tights & shoes: DSW
Now that it's May (!), I should probably pack up all my tights and leggings, right? There's just one small problem with that: I'm one of those folks who is always cold. I knew my husband was meant for me when he agreed to keep our house temp at a balmy 72 degrees. (People whose thermostat is at 65, I'm sure you're fabulous, but I simply do not understand you.) Even then, I wind up spending much of winter curled up with a blanket on the couch or donning an over-stuffed, fur-trimmed coat each time I leave the house. (I seriously don't think I can look at that coat again.)

Spring, with all its flowers and sunshine is very welcome. The thing with spring though, is that it still isn't always "warm." At least not my incredibly reasonable definition of warm, which is at least 75 degrees. So, my large assortment of tights and leggings stays in rotation. To keep my outfit looking on-season, I happened upon quite possibly the most awesome accessory ever: a floral headband. Admittedly, the floral wreath trend is not new, but now that I've found it, it's put my spring wardrobe into full bloom. I love embracing my inner flower child!
Sunshine and warm temperatures, come to mama!

What transitional pieces do you wear to get you through the lukewarm, flip-flopping spring temps?


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