Don't Dream It's Over(alls)

Shortalls & Clutch: Goodwill; Blazer: Rung; Tee & Choker: Rue 21; Shoes: Ziezo
One of my greatest fashion regrets was donating my beloved, perfectly worn-in overalls about a decade ago. After enjoying "trendy" status throughout the 1980s and 1990s, the new millenium's arrival practically erased overalls from stores and closets. I held on for a couple of years, hoping I could wear them again without looks of confusion or disdain, but eventually accepted that the trend was over. . .right?

I forgot that in fashion, nothing is ever truly over. If you wait long enough, it is likely that even the most inexplicable fads and trends will resurface. (Did you ever think "mom jeans" would be considered cool again?) Happily, the tides have turned for overalls, and they are back with a vengeance. Celebrities, street stylistas, and even people who claim not to care about fashion are buckling up their overalls. It actually makes a lot of sense. I mean, overalls are comfortable and convenient. They can be styled to look casual, chic, edgy, or even kinda dressy. The modern versions come in a rainbow of colors and patterns to suit most tastes. Overalls and their truncated cousins, shortalls, are actually so awesome that I'm not sure why they ever went out of style. Oversaturation in the market, perhaps?

Regardless, I'm thrilled to report that I scooped up some 1990s shortalls from Jordache. (I mean that literally-I scooped them out of a by-the-pound Goodwill bin.) I wanted to style the shortalls in a dressy-enough-for-a-creative-workplace manner. This is what I came up with:

A few tips if you're ready to get back on the overall bandwagon:

  • Striped and classic white t-shirts underneath are a popular pairing
  • Distressing and cuffed hems add a modern touch
  • Shoes and accessories determine the overall vibe of the outfit-heels if you want to dress it up, sneakers if you want to keep it sporty
  • Don't be afraid to wear overalls and shortalls in a cool pattern like stripes or in an unexpected color like black 

So, if you've got a piece in your closet that seems destined to reach fashion oblivion (and we all do), you may want to hold onto it. Ten years from now, that garment may, once again, be "of-the-moment."


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