The Mod Squad

Psyche from Economy of Style, Yasmin of Bangles & Bungalows, & me
The sixties were dedicated to peace, love, understanding, and totally groovy fashion. I figured it was the perfect time period to channel at ALIVE Magazine's We Heart STL Celebration. So, I selected a vintage playsuit that was sure to make a splash. (On a funny side note, I'd actually been crushing on this ensemble ever since it turned up in a donation bag at Rung Boutique--nearly a year ago. I am very fortunate that it waited for me, as the floral print and whimsical silhouette clearly make us kindred spirits.) The playsuit contains matching shorts and a top, but I pulled up the shorts higher to give it a more mod, mini-dress vibe. I added retro-inspired platform sandals with a modern lug sole. Check it out:

60s Top & Shorts: Rung; Shoes: Rue 21; Socks & Earrings: Thrifted from the St. Louis Swap Meet
Now, about the socks. A very of-the-moment way to update a retro look is by wearing socks with open-toe shoes. I know it seems counter-intuitive, but the socks-and-sandals combo has moved way beyond Birkenstocks. No longer a look associated with "toolboxes" or granola-types, chic socks were all over the runways at New York and other fashion weeks. In addition, I was in desperate need of something to buffer my toes from the just-a-smidge-too-small-but-too-cute-to-pass-up shoes. Despite this explanation, my husband was predictably anti-sock. (I just smiled and strutted on out.) What do you think?
Here are some more pics of me and my squad, courtesy of Sara's Social Booth:
Hamming it up with June from Gemini June Moon (AKA Flower Girl), Laura from Weird Culture (AKA Unicorn), and another friend.
The masked woman is Niki of the Saint Louis Night Out blog.
Here, I'm pictured with the winners of my We Heart STL VIP ticket giveaway, Elena from Cheetah Talk Y Mas and her BF.
Undercover blogger babes.
Fun times!


  1. I love the whole outfit! Wear socks to cover that bad pedi! I love the colors for both Spring and Summer!

    1. My pedis are always terrible (my manis aren't much better), so I agree, socks all the way! Thanks for your comment. :)

  2. You are so beautiful...I like your tattoo and your socks/sandals combo! Only one thing would make you look better...