Turtles Slay Garbshare Open House

If it's quirky, retro, colorful, or all of the above, it's always welcome in my closet. My latest acquisition: a playful Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles dress. Remember how each Turtle was named after a Renaissance artist? The ensemble elicits fond memories of their nunchuck-wielding shenanigans, innovative in the 1980s. That playful spirit made it the perfect dress for an Open House to celebrate a modern innovation called GarbShare.

RAW:natural born artists Presents GLIMPSE

RAW:natural born artists is an indie arts organization that provides exposure and tools for the creative community in music, fashion, film, photography, makeup, hair, and performing arts. Each month, they hold a "circus of creativity" in 60 cities across the country and internationally. I attended the RAWards a couple of years ago and was blown away by the level of undiscovered talent on display. A designer featured on The Ruby Zipper, Yoro Creations, was a 2013 RAWards National Winner - and she's still killing it on the jewelry scene! So, I was amped when the St. Louis chapter of RAW invited me to check out the July St. Louis showcase, cleverly entitled GLIMPSE.

Held at the Ready Room, a hip venue with an underground vibe, GLIMPSE featured St. Louis artists in sculpting, digital art, photography, painting, and drawing. While the eclectic crowd sipped cocktails, hip-hop artists showed off their lyrical skills. I had a blast coloring in my own magnet at one of the artists' stations and trying on the incredible fascinators from MaryAlice's Palace. (Remember when I served as a judge at the Forest Park Forever Hat Luncheon and lamented my decidedly uninspired millinery? That won't happen again - I am stoked to wear one of her zany, whimsical toppers next year!) Mary Alice's work is available at Butterfly and Moon Designs, a gift house filled with original jewelry and accessories by fellow RAW artists like Brenda Fraser. I ran out of steam fairly early and missed the fire-hoop performance (!) and swimsuit fashion show, but managed to snag some pics of the festivities. Check it out:
Photos c/o RAW Artists St. Louis
Photos c./o RAW Artists St. Louis

I'm modeling one of MaryAlice's hats. It looks sooo yummy! I'm also wearing my fave music note dress.
Looks like a rad time, right? RAW St. Louis puts on these events monthly, so you should come out to the next one! With so much inspiring innovation, I am proud to be part of the creative community in St. Louis.

These Shoes Were Made For Running

My husband loves to get on my case because I don't have any true "running shoes." (Technically, I have one pair of Pumas that he insisted I buy, but they are so old and worn I'm not sure they count.) He offers to buy me a pair of Jordans regularly because: a. they look cool and b. they fit in with his theory that I should be able to run at any time if I have to. While I appreciate his enthusiasm at buying me footwear, I usually respond to his proposition by refuting both points.

Living In the 90s

I'm a total 90s girl. My MP3 player (still got an old-school Sony, no i-anything for this gal) is loaded up with Alice In Chains, Ace of Base, Snoop Dogg, and random 90s one-hit-wonders (remember that cool alt-rock song "Friends of P"?). Most of my favorite movies came out in the 1990s: Clueless, Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead, Titanic, Scream to name a few. It is not unusual to find me curled up on the couch, deeply immersed in a Melrose Place marathon. So, 90s fashion is an obvious purchase, especially when it's located in a thrift store.                                                                        

Ruby Swan

Ruby Swan. It has a ring to it, doesn't it? Kinda sounds like a hip clothing brand or the stage name of a rock star. For a brief moment, it was almost the name of my beloved daughter. After Brian and I consulted our "Cool Names For Babies" book for the thousandth time (I'm proud to say that "Carmen" was apparently cool enough to be included) and decided upon Ruby for the first name, we spent weeks deliberating on an equally spunky, vintage middle name. The other names we fancied, like Claudia, Stella, and Lila just didn't work with Ruby.