Living In the 90s

I'm a total 90s girl. My MP3 player (still got an old-school Sony, no i-anything for this gal) is loaded up with Alice In Chains, Ace of Base, Snoop Dogg, and random 90s one-hit-wonders (remember that cool alt-rock song "Friends of P"?). Most of my favorite movies came out in the 1990s: Clueless, Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead, Titanic, Scream to name a few. It is not unusual to find me curled up on the couch, deeply immersed in a Melrose Place marathon. So, 90s fashion is an obvious purchase, especially when it's located in a thrift store.                                                                        

A trip to the Goodwill a few weeks ago yielded an excited Ruby, squealing at her reflection in the dressing room, and this slip dress. I paired it with my chunky combat boots and (what else?) baby backpack to channel that girlie-grunge thing the 90s did so well. I think this outfit is da bomb! (Couldn't help myself.)
Criss-cross or Kris Kross?
Dress, Tank, Backpack: Goodwill; Shoes: Steve Madden (DSW)


  1. I love the outfit, looks comfy ;)

  2. I had my doubts when you first described it, but it looks good on ya!