Ruby Swan

Ruby Swan. It has a ring to it, doesn't it? Kinda sounds like a hip clothing brand or the stage name of a rock star. For a brief moment, it was almost the name of my beloved daughter. After Brian and I consulted our "Cool Names For Babies" book for the thousandth time (I'm proud to say that "Carmen" was apparently cool enough to be included) and decided upon Ruby for the first name, we spent weeks deliberating on an equally spunky, vintage middle name. The other names we fancied, like Claudia, Stella, and Lila just didn't work with Ruby.

Then, Brian had a stroke of genius: Swan. He was so excited about the name that I began to consider it. I loved that it was unusual and feminine. And, I am all for being unconventional. The more I thought about it, Swan was almost too cool to be demoted to middle name status - it would have to go first. But could I really agree to name her. . .Swan? In the end, it just felt too unusual. We went instead with my grandmother's name Estelle as the middle name - nostalgic, sweet, and of course, cool. Perhaps Ruby can add "Swan" when her rock star career takes off. 

Even though Swan didn't make the cut as a middle name for my child, swans as a pattern are absolutely charming. I bought this swan-like, flowy, high-low blouse when I was pregnant and I'm delighted that I can still wear it! What can I say? I heart swans. Check it out:
Top: H&M; Skirt: Thrifted; Boots: DSW (Steve Madden); Shades: Rue 21


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