These Shoes Were Made For Running

My husband loves to get on my case because I don't have any true "running shoes." (Technically, I have one pair of Pumas that he insisted I buy, but they are so old and worn I'm not sure they count.) He offers to buy me a pair of Jordans regularly because: a. they look cool and b. they fit in with his theory that I should be able to run at any time if I have to. While I appreciate his enthusiasm at buying me footwear, I usually respond to his proposition by refuting both points.

Yes, Air Jordans do look cool - on people who have sporty styles. Sporty is not a term I use or hear in relation to my wardrobe, and after 30-something years, that is unlikely to change. (Sorry, babe.) I also try to explain that because I rarely do hardcore athletic activities (save for the occasional Zumba class), expensive sportswear for me would be a poor investment. He admits that he sees where I'm coming from, but then slyly comments on how fiiine I would look in some kicks. (I, of course, do not counter that statement.)

After we stop chuckling, I then provide my rebuttal to his second line of reasoning. Yes, all of my footwear is bought with fashion in mind and no regard for comfort or fitness. And, even I know that my 5.5 inch platforms would be. . .difficult to run in. Yet, I assure him that if my life or a loved one's life was in jeopardy, I could run at light speed in stilettos. Or, rip off the shoes and run like the wind. He still wears a look of skepticism, but the conversation is (temporarily) tabled.

A few weeks ago, after our never-ending running shoe debate was resurrected, I conceded that Brian does have a point. I'm not too worried about randomly having to run somewhere, but do want something sensible to wear to the park or outside with Ruby. And so, I bought a pair of running shoes - or at least, shoes I can run in. Cute shoes. Featuring the fashion capitals of the world. So there.

Brian approves of these sneakers (yay!). . .but the compliments about how well I would rock some retro Jordans have not stopped. Who knows? Maybe he's right about that, too. :)
Vest & Tank: H&M; Shoes & Choker: Rue 21; Pants, Earrings & Brooch: Goodwill


  1. Where is a picture of these Air Jordan's?

    1. The picture is still in Brian's mind. LOL :)