Turtles Slay Garbshare Open House

If it's quirky, retro, colorful, or all of the above, it's always welcome in my closet. My latest acquisition: a playful Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles dress. Remember how each Turtle was named after a Renaissance artist? The ensemble elicits fond memories of their nunchuck-wielding shenanigans, innovative in the 1980s. That playful spirit made it the perfect dress for an Open House to celebrate a modern innovation called GarbShare.

Billed as a cloud closet app, GarbShare sounds wickedly cool. I'm a huge dork, so I'm constantly cataloging my clothes in endless lists or mixing-and-matching stuff in my mind. But with my ever-changing thrifted wardrobe, some things get lost in the shuffle. I've mistakenly bought something I "needed" only to discover a similar item stuffed in a drawer. The GarbShare app would have my entire wardrobe saved in a cloud, so I could double-check before I buy a redundant item. Although I love my lists, it's nearly impossible for me to share my ideas with friends (verbal explanations of the "goth dress" or "gravel pit dress" don't do them justice.) Having visual representations is so much easier. How cool is that? I really hope the startup takes off - for more info you can sign up on their web site.

On a side note, I couldn't resist taking the "Which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Are You?" quiz on Nickelodeon. The choices are: Leonardo, the courageous, conscientious leader in blue; Michelangelo, the free-spirited jokester in orange; Raphael, the sarcastic bad boy in red; and Donatello, the inventive engineer clad in a purple mask. Apparently, I am Michelangelo, "the coolest, mellowest Turtle ever." My "wild imagination" and "creative thinking" has saved my turtle bros' shells "a million times." Sure. I'll take it. ;P
Ignoring my pitiful mani, aren't the turtles cute?
Dress: Rue 21; Bracelet: Avalon; Shoes: Luichiny
And oh, my shoes. My shoes! I'm crazy about the iridescence, eye-grabbing color and comfortable fit. I got them from Bronx Diba Shoes (Luichiny brand). Sorry, I snagged the last pair in this color but there are other hues that look equally awesome.


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