I Heart Hearts

Dress, Shades, Platforms: Rue 21; Earrings: Thrifted
"Heart!" Ruby exclaims triumphantly with a smile as she looks at my dress. Her daily lesson plans include identifying shapes and colors, with my clothes and jewelry acting as surrogate teachers. (She's also said "flower" while pointing to my tattoo and "circle" when looking at my smiley face vest. She's well on her way to an A+ in my home-school Art Appreciation course.)

Floral on Floral on Floral

Dress (worn as top): Material Girl; Earrings & Skirt: Thrifted; Belt: Hot Topic; Boots: Steve Madden
One of my all-time favorite outfits was my floral-on-floral fashion crime at the first Midwest Influencer Network VIP Blogger's Lounge. I loved it because it was floral (duh) and it allowed me to do some edgy print-mixing. I've been eager to recreate the look with a fresh crop of floral duds. After I sifted through an overstuffed, unsorted by-the-pound Goodwill Outlet bin (casting off quite a few thorns in the process), I found it: a flowery midi skirt. A birthday flea market outing yielded some floral earrings, and my new outfit was ready to bloom.

On Thin Ice

I'd been waiting for it for months: the semi-annual $1 sale at one of my favorite stores, Avalon Exchange. My mom even had it on her calendar, planning to watch Ruby so I could actually shop. When D-Day (aka Dollar Day) arrived, Ruby giggled her way through my parents' house while Brian and I had a rare, delicious day date. We munched on fried bologna at Salt & Smoke and hit the sale.