Tribal Vibes: My Go-To Dress

Dress: Avalon; Shoes: Caliente; Earring: from African Festival booth
Every gal needs a "go-to" outfit - something that can be worn to a multitude of events with minimal styling or effort needed. While many of my clothes have a high turnover rate, I found a veritable wardrobe staple: a vintage-y tribal print maxidress. To add to the amazing factor of this dress, it cost me a mere dollar at Avalon Exchange during one of their blowout sales. I would happily have paid much more for the dress, though, considering that I've worn it at least 5 times in the last few months. (That may not sound like a lot, but for me, that definitely qualifies it as a "staple.")

This geometric-tribal ensemble has made appearances at a birthday dinner, girls' night out, networking event (over a black turtleneck to combat unusually chilly temps), happy hour, and fashion show. Why is it so versatile? One, the dress is long. That means that it looks great during the day and at night. Two, it's got one of my signature wild prints. I don't need to do much in terms of jewelry or additional styling, as the dress already makes a bold statement. Three, it's got high slits on each side. Although the dress doesn't do well on windy evenings (hello!), the slits give it some sass.

I recently discovered a 4th quality about this dress that catapults it further into my style stratosphere: it's reversible. I don't know if it was designed to be, but after about the 4th wear, I realized that I'd been wearing it backwards. Whoops.  In my defense, there are no tags on it to help me determine the front from the back. So, whether I'm in the mood for a mock turtleneck dress, or an open neckline, it's got me covered! What's your go-to look?
Still sporting my one-earring look. Here's another way to rock it.


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