Take A Chill Pill

Life is so crazy sometimes, it can be hard to relax. Especially with an almost-2-year-old live wire whose curiosity knows no bounds. Add in my efforts to build a career in the uber-competitive-but-so-worth-it fashion industry, difficulty turning down invitations to hang with friends, thrifting addiction, and desire to spend time with my man, and you know what? I'm exhausted. So, the message of this hoodie really resonates with me: CHILL VIBES.

Modern Classics: Fringe & Leopard

Jacket: Avalon Exchange; Tights & Socks: Macy's; Cutoffs & Blouse: Rung; Shoes & Necklace: Bronx Diba
Unless you've been living under some sort of style rock (and you've been kind enough to read this post, so I highly doubt that's the case), you've probably noticed the massive fashion moment fringe is having right now. Moment is probably a misnomer, as fringe has been mega-hot for the last few years. It's readily available on tops, shoes, purses, jewelry, and. . .jackets? Yep. I was almost out of Avalon Exchange, semi-proud that I managed to make it out of the store without buying anything, when I spotted this fringe blazer. A little bit country, a little bit boho, and a whole lotta cool. Avalon 1, Carmen 0. (I'm so weak.)

5 Reasons to Love Plaid

Let's stop for a moment and talk about plaid, shall we? It's having a fashion "moment" this season, meaning that it's the print du jour to have in your closet. You've probably already got something plaid folded up in a drawer somewhere, but if you've somehow managed to survive without this style staple, here are 5 reasons to add some plaid to your wardrobe, pronto: