5 Reasons to Love Plaid

Let's stop for a moment and talk about plaid, shall we? It's having a fashion "moment" this season, meaning that it's the print du jour to have in your closet. You've probably already got something plaid folded up in a drawer somewhere, but if you've somehow managed to survive without this style staple, here are 5 reasons to add some plaid to your wardrobe, pronto:

1. Plaid is classic. Scottish tartan patterns have been around since the 1500s. The Dress Act of 1746 made wearing plaid a punishable offense for 40 years in Great Britain, which only elevates its cool factor in my opinion. Nearly 5 centuries later, we're still wearing plaid. That impressive longevity firmly solidifies plaid as a must-have style staple.

2. Plaid is modern. Plaid has the uncanny ability to look simultaneously old-school and new-school. Depending on its pairings and color palette, plaid can reinvent itself. No matter how long it's been around, plaid always manages to feel fresh.

3. Plaid is a fashion chameleon. Preppy and proud of it? Button up a plaid shirt. Want to pay homage to 90s grunge a la Pearl Jam? Button up a plaid shirt. Feeling punky? Don some plaid. Need a low-risk way to incorporate a pattern into your look? Try tartan. No matter what your style agenda, plaid is up for the task. 

4. Plaid comes in all silhouettes. A plaid shirt is of course the most popular way to wear the print, but if you're feeling more bold, look for plaid on a blazer, dress, skirt, or pants. Again, there's that versatile quality plaid has down to a T.

5. Plaid makes a statement. The geometric, bold lines in plaid stand out. Plaid in an unexpected hue like purple or hot pink really stands out. Regardless of the size of the checks or the color scheme, plaid is nearly impossible not to notice. The question is not whether to wear plaid; the question is, what do you want your plaid outfit to say?

What are your thoughts - is plaid rad or bad?
Dress: H&M (scored from Goodwill Outlet); Shoes: JustFab; Socks: Thrifted
I am so loving my new shoes! The faux patent-leather look and strategic straps will look great year-round.


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