Modern Classics: Fringe & Leopard

Jacket: Avalon Exchange; Tights & Socks: Macy's; Cutoffs & Blouse: Rung; Shoes & Necklace: Bronx Diba
Unless you've been living under some sort of style rock (and you've been kind enough to read this post, so I highly doubt that's the case), you've probably noticed the massive fashion moment fringe is having right now. Moment is probably a misnomer, as fringe has been mega-hot for the last few years. It's readily available on tops, shoes, purses, jewelry, and. . .jackets? Yep. I was almost out of Avalon Exchange, semi-proud that I managed to make it out of the store without buying anything, when I spotted this fringe blazer. A little bit country, a little bit boho, and a whole lotta cool. Avalon 1, Carmen 0. (I'm so weak.)

What better to go with fringe than trend-turned-new-neutral leopard print booties? Featuring a cute, covered wedge, these booties will no doubt be in high shoe rotation this fall and winter. I initially tried to stay away from leopard, given Brian's disappointing admission that he doesn't care for animal print, but my hubby and I will simply have to agree to disagree on that point. Animal prints are too ferocious not to wear. He had nothing snarky to say when I brought home these babies, so perhaps he's coming around.

The only thing that could send this outfit all the way over the top would be to have a leopard print jacket with fringe trim. (No fair stealing that design idea - I'm sure it would win me a Project Runway challenge - although Nina may question my "taste" and ability to "edit." LOL) Which do you like better - fringe or leopard print?


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