New Year, New Baby

Dress & Cardigan: H&M; Boots: Luichiny
Happy New Year, lovelies! I promised you a major announcement to start 2016, and I've got one. Ruby will officially be a big sister this summer! So, it's back to semi-maternity outfits curated from a mix of resale, thrift, and specialty maternity clothes for moi. In true Carmen fashion, I was so sick of my mommy-to-be clothes after giving birth to Ruby that I quickly donated them all, save for a random skirt or top, allowing me the freedom to start from scratch. For this little one, I'm planning to make a few tweaks to my baby bump wardrobe:

1. The only true maternity clothing I plan to buy is jeans and pants. Try as I may, "maternity" tops and dresses simply don't jibe with my personal style. (I have a serious aversion to ruching and empire waists. And, the higher-end, "fashionable" maternity clothing lines fall outside my saving-up-for-2-kids budget.)
2. That said, I will focus on specialty maternity stores for my bottoms. I found super-cute and affordable jeans at Destination Maternity after Christmas. Unfortunately, the maternity sections of thrift stores (if there even is such a section) tend to have stuff on the outskirts of style with a limited smattering of sizes.
3. I will have at least 3 pairs of maternity jeans this time. I only had 2 last time, which simply wasn't sufficient.
4. For skirts, I will buy as many bodycon midi and maxi dresses as possible and wear longer shirts on top of them. That way, I'll have that cool, pencil-skirt-ish look with the funky patterns I love.
5. Dresses will be of the shift variety, allowing for maximum ease of fit.
6. Tops will be bought loose and long, and in as large a size as necessary to accommodate the growing bun in the oven.

Of course, I'll keep you all posted on how my style plan is going. Here are some pics of me on New Year's Eve in a bodycon dress. Admittedly, this is easy to wear at just 4 months along. How did you navigate baby-bump world and stay stylish?

 Oh, and it's a girl. Double the fun. :)
I found these vintage gems at an antique mall called Treasure Aisles. The most fashionable way I could think of to do a "gender reveal."


  1. Ah, so exciting! I'm expecting my first baby in June and am struggling big time on the maternity clothes front. If you have any other tips please share in an upcoming post!


    1. Congratulations! I am working on another mama-to-be style post, but the main thing that has helped me is to wear maternity bottoms and 'regular' tops. Swing dresses and tunics are made for pregnant gals. Don't be afraid to experiment or flaunt your bump with form-fitting clothes either. Be proud of your upcoming status as a hot mom!