Fade To Black

Dress: Forever 21; Tights: Hue; Necklace & Hat: Vintage heirlooms; Choker: Rue 21
I tend to avoid wearing solids, as they inexplicably make me feel plain. Black, however, is exempt from this opinion. Wearing an all-black ensemble has something inherently cool about it that is irresistible. The midnight black shift dress ("non-maternity," I must add - notice the absence of any telltale ruching) provided the perfect incognito-ish look for a tour of the Thaxton Speakeasy. For the finishing touches, I donned my grandmother's 1920s sparkly hat and my trusty Luichiny 1970s-inspired platforms.

The Thaxton Speakeasy, for those of you who have yet to experience it, is described as a modern-day, underground lounge. True to the days of prohibition, the Thaxton is only open to the public on weekends, and a secret password is needed for admission. I was recently treated to a tour of the historic building and a mini-cocktail lesson. (Out of respect for my daughter-to-be, I declined to sample anything, but they looked extremely tasty.) The building has 3 levels prime for unique pictures and private events. (And, any time a bar's owner rocks a zoot suit, you know it's a fun place.)
Thaxton Speakeasy, 1009 Olive St., St. Louis, MO
Photo c/o Judd Demaline
On the upper level, they have a bathtub-turned-bar. Gives a new meaning to "bathtub gin."


  1. Totally agree. You cannot go wrong with an all black outfit. You look awesome.



  2. Black dresses & outfit always make us feel cool... You are looking soooo gorgeous... Keep sharing your style more!!!