Little Black Dress Exhibit: From Mourning To Night

Missouri History Museum Lindell & DeBaliviere in Forest Park, St. Louis MO
(314) 746-4599
So, I've never been a history buff. I doodled, worked on outfit plans, and slept with my eyes open through most history classes in high school and college. (Sorry, professors.) Being focused on the present and future, it was hard to forge a personal connection to the past - rendering the majority of my history classes yawn-inducing.

Stripes & Florals & Babies

The epitome of photobombing!
Hi all, I'm back! To blogging, that is. My brief hiatus was courtesy of the birth of my second little girl, Flora Lucile on May 20. For those of you who are baby-name dorks like me, a little background on her name. We initially found it in a baby book. I loved it instantly, and Brian liked that we could call her "Flo." It made the short list (along with Reese, Claudia, and Rosetta), but what catapulted it to number one was its relative rarity. Only around 100-140 little ladies in the entire United States are given the name Flora each year. Sold. (And the fact that it describes my favorite pattern did not go unnoticed.) In an awesome twist, we learned that her great-aunt also had the moniker. (We had wisely kept the baby name under wraps until the birth.) Lucile is for her great-grandmother. So far, she is living up to her name as a beautiful, unique gal.