Blue Monday: Denim Dress

Dress: Goodwill; Belt: Rue 21; Necklace: Flea Market; Shoes: Diba True
A couple of weeks before baby Flora was born, I went to the Goodwill with my mom to stock up on hospital essentials: comfortable pants, button-up shirts, nightgowns, etc. I had learned from my experience with Ruby that it is infinitely more bearable being in the hospital while wearing one's own clothes. (Not only are the hospital gowns chilly, there is zero cuteness about them - and y'all know how much I value cuteness.) I quickly found what I was looking for at the thrift store, but of course had to do a walk-through to look for post-pregnancy duds.

Jumpsuits: One and Done

forever 21 tribal jumpsuit
Jumpsuit: Forever 21; Choker: Rue 21; Shoes: Just Fab; Purse & Earrings: Thrifted; Shades: Bronx Diba Shoe Outlet
When it comes to jumpsuits, very little can top the one-and-done appeal. After all, you put on a garment equipped with a top and a bottom, and boom - you're dressed. With my new busy-mom-of-two status, anything that can streamline my outfit process (without sacrificing my signature style) is much appreciated. I found this jumpsuit gem during a rare mall trip last winter and the clearance pricetag made it a done deal. Paired with a vintage clutch and black cutout flats, I've worn this jumpsuit anywhere from work to hanging with friends to family outings. Have you found a versatile jumpsuit yet?