Blue Monday: Denim Dress

Dress: Goodwill; Belt: Rue 21; Necklace: Flea Market; Shoes: Diba True
A couple of weeks before baby Flora was born, I went to the Goodwill with my mom to stock up on hospital essentials: comfortable pants, button-up shirts, nightgowns, etc. I had learned from my experience with Ruby that it is infinitely more bearable being in the hospital while wearing one's own clothes. (Not only are the hospital gowns chilly, there is zero cuteness about them - and y'all know how much I value cuteness.) I quickly found what I was looking for at the thrift store, but of course had to do a walk-through to look for post-pregnancy duds.

My eyes settled on a long, button-down denim dress. Score! Several weeks later, I donned the dress for a day-date with Flora and Brian to the mall. Flora was an angel during the whole excursion. (Actually, she was asleep, but that still counts.) Paired with a braided belt and leather sandals, I got lots of compliments. I cut off the 3/4 sleeves to make it more modern. Check it out:

This is why I usually smile in photos. Weird expression aside, I love the buttons on this dress. 


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