Guitar Hero Style

I’ll never forget the summer I was pregnant with Ruby. In addition to getting my blog up and running, my goal was to become an expert Guitar Hero player. I couldn’t believe it when a friend introduced me to the game. It was incredible! Two of my most beloved activities – listening to rock music and playing video games – fused together? Aw, yeah. I loaded up on every Guitar Hero (and its MTV twin, Rock Band) I could find at the used video game stores. (I did my gaming on a PS2. And yes, Guitar Hero had already been out for a several years before I “discovered” it. Don’t judge.)

Pins & Needles Design Competition: #Emerging6 #PNSTL

If you've been on pins and needles waiting for another fashion event to hit St. Louis, you can exhale. The 8th annual Pins and Needles Design Competition hosted by Brainchild Events is coming up on August 11, 2016. It will take place at the brand-spanking-new venue called the Majorette. This year's crop of designers includes the aptly dubbed the Emerging 6: Andrew Clancy (Nashville, TN), Marcel Coleman, Jr. (St. Louis, MO), Richard Cotto (St. Louis, MO), Laila Fattal (Brooklyn, NY), Morgan Mason (St. Louis, MO), and Wiki Wang (St. Louis, MO). One artist will take home a $15,000 prize package to help launch his or her career. I was fortunate to get the backstory on one of the artists, Marcel Coleman, Jr. His road to the competition took a shocking, awful turn, but no doubt helped him create even more incredible work. Read on. . .