Rock The Bells

Vest: Avalon Exchange; Pants: c/o Tobi; Necklaces: Thrifted; Cropped Turtleneck: Nordstrom; Shoes: Luichiny
I think out of the pants silhouettes, I’ve worn it all: skinny, boyfriend, cropped, low-rise, high-rise, flared, raver huge, gaucho, Capri, palazzo, boot cut (feel free to stop me anytime). Out of all those cuts, my favorite is flared. No, it’s not because they are considered “on trend” right now, although that does make flared jeans much easier to find in mainstream stores. It’s that flared pants have a cool quotient unmatched by any other silhouette. Here’s why.

The Green Door & The Purple Dress

Dress: c/o Tobi; Booties: Luichiny; Purse: Thrifted; Earrings: Claire's
'Outdoorsy' is not typically a word people use to describe me. Sure, I love being outside when the weather is nice (read: at least 70 degrees). Chilling on a sandy beach somewhere is my idea of heaven. But the ‘let’s-go-on-a-5-mile-hike’ type of outdoorsy? Not so much. I haven’t been camping since 6th grade. The tent Brian got a “great deal” on 2 years ago remains in its original packaging. But, I’ve spent more time outdoors since having kids than I probably have in my whole life, except perhaps when I was a kid. And you know what? I love it.

Ooh, Watch Me!

jord frankie 35 watch zebrawood and navy

My husband always laughs that I am “un-saturatable.” He can’t understand how I can watch the same Lifetime movie 10 times - clearly not getting the appeal of watching an obsessed lunatic stalk a likeable-but-clueless target. “We’ve already seen this one,” he says and tries to reach for the remote during a Criminal Minds or SVU marathon. “I know, but it’s so good!” I reply, holding firmly onto the remote and pressing record before I let him change the station. (Yes, I know – I’m awesome.) He is baffled by how I can listen to the same songs I’ve been listening to for the last 20 years (gulp). What can I say? Familiarity is comforting. And music was way better back then.

Fringe Benefits

black fringe Tobi dress
Dress: c/o Tobi; Shoes: Diba True; Choker: Bronx Diba Shoe Outlet
"Who doesn't love fringe?" Heidi Klum asked her fellow judges on a recent episode of Project Runway. I thought about it for a minute, and realized that she's right. There's something about fringe that gives any look a "wow factor." Maybe it's because fringe has such amazing movement - you literally swing from place to place. Perhaps it is fringe's ability to look boho, edgy, or both depending on the outfit. Regardless, fringe is fun. So, when the team at Tobi reached out and invited me to select something from their catalog, a black fringe dress stood out.