Rock The Bells

Vest: Avalon Exchange; Pants: c/o Tobi; Necklaces: Thrifted; Cropped Turtleneck: Nordstrom; Shoes: Luichiny
I think out of the pants silhouettes, I’ve worn it all: skinny, boyfriend, cropped, low-rise, high-rise, flared, raver huge, gaucho, Capri, palazzo, boot cut (feel free to stop me anytime). Out of all those cuts, my favorite is flared. No, it’s not because they are considered “on trend” right now, although that does make flared jeans much easier to find in mainstream stores. It’s that flared pants have a cool quotient unmatched by any other silhouette. Here’s why.

First, flared pants have the fun alias of bell bottoms. A clever name always elevates something in my mind. Next, they bring back fond memories of bebopping around my college campus. Another selling point? The shape of flared jeans gives my frame some extra curves. Just sayin’. Bell bottoms are the quintessential 70s pant, giving them endless vintage appeal. In fact, it’s hard to find something about flared pants that I don’t like, except maybe that they tend to require high heels to walk in, but any excuse to put on platforms deposits them back in the plus column.

Perhaps the neatest thing about bell bottoms is that it is impossible not to notice them. Maybe it’s all that extra fabric circling the ankles, but flared pants are guaranteed statement-makers. And that is the best quality any piece of clothing can have. Right?

I’m excited to have a new pair of bells from Tobi in my closet. Super-soft, faux suede pants that keep my gams toasty and cute. I went for a full-on 70s vibe with a crochet vest and long necklace. 

Which cut of pants do you prefer? Are you rocking the bells this Fall?
bell bottom pants crochet vest
cropped turtleneck black crochet vest long necklaces
cognac faux suede bell bottom pants
I wore my floral booties with these pants, but I probably need something with a higher heel.
tobi bell bottom pants crochet vest full body

Flora looked at me curiously as I posed for the camera. After waiting patiently as I tried to get the perfect shot, she more than earned her own mini-shoot. Here we are, me in my bells and her in another fave silhouette, overalls. I can’t believe I forgot about those!

Me & the Flo girl - my heart! Yes, her eyes are still greyish blue. :)


  1. Love this outfit on you and especially loving your expression in the first photo. This is a super cool look. Perfect for a summer music festival!


    1. Thank you so much! A summer music festival sounds perfect!