One Cool Cat

Anyone who knows me, knows that if my home is one degree less than 73, I'm "freezing." So, I should love summer, right? Well, I do. . .but not when it's technically supposed to be fall - or winter, for that matter. Purely for fashion purposes, I like cooler weather. Don't get me wrong - it is nice not to worry about a bulky coat. Now that I'm managing 3 wardrobes - mine, Ruby's, and Flora's - fewer layers makes outfit planning a wee bit faster. But when mid-November hit and the highs were still in the 60s, I'd had enough. 

Mother Nature, dear, I just want to wear my tights, tall boots, and cute jackets. Capiche? [Spell check corrected my original spelling of Uncle Jesse’s catch phrase “capeesh.”] Not to mention the adorable sweatshirts and striped jeans I've got in the girls' outfit queues. So, please cool things off.

Apparently, she heard my plea and now it's - dare I say - cold. That means I am free to bust out the most purrfect tights EVER. I've been waiting to wear these since my shopping spree at the Premium Outlet Mall. As you can see, they were worth the wait.
Jacket: H&M; Blouse: Thrifted; Jumper: Forever 21; Shoes: Luichiny; Tights: Hot Topic
cat tights from hot topic

Oh, and those pink striped pants I picked especially for Ruby? She flat-out refused to wear them or anything else in her closet in an epic, tear-filled, snot-filled, pee-filled (don’t ask), everyone-is-late-for-work battle. I suspect my days of “managing” her wardrobe are on indefinite hiatus. On the up side, Ruby is not afraid to fight for her own sense of style – heavy on the pinks and purples. That, of course, I wholeheartedly support. Next time, I just hope for fewer bodily fluids in the mix.
Yep, she's one cool cat. . .most of the time. A fashion-related meltdown is completely forgivable. 😊


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